Derecho y Sociedad: diálogos entre países centrales y periféricos

16 Mai 2016 -tik 18 Mai 2016 -ra

Coordinators: Germano Schwartz (Conselho Nacional de Pesquisa e Pós-Graduação em Direito)

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Our experience in Oñati

CONPEDI is the most representative and the most important meeting of the researchers in Law in Brazil. CONPEDI is an association of researchers and universities with the objective to develop the research in any area of Law, including, therefore, Sociology of Law. Having that in mind, it is needed to stress that their meetings brings the brazilian state of art of researches in progress about law. It means that every semester the meeting it is expected in order to publicize what have been discussed by brazilian researchers. It is not a surprise, this way, to say that every meeting has like 1000-1200 attendants. But only from 2014 onward Conpedi have decided to realize international meetings and the bilkura in Oñati was its fourth and the first dedicated only in sociology of law. So, Conpedi with the help of Unilasalle (the only Master in Sociology of Law in Brazil) have approached Oñati in order to realize that meeting and we found in Adam Czarnota and the IISL staff a prompt and helpful response. Almost 100 brazilian researchers come to Oñati and they could testify the excellence of the Institute. The bilkura went very well, something that did not surprise me, but surprised all attendants, since most of them just did not know about the Institute and/or the city. We are very happy with all the results and we are sure that in the future the IISL will receive more visits coming from Brazil as an effect of Conpedi International Meeting 2016 (Oñati). Greetings--- Germano Schwartz PhD In Law OAB/RS 39021