Malik, Hanna

University of Turku
06 Aza 2023 -tik 03 Abe 2023 -ra

Dr.iur, Docent of Comparative and Socio-Legal Studies, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Law, University of Turku

From the beginning of my academic activity, I have been committed to multidisciplinary and comparative perspectives to law as societal phenomena. Following traditions of critical legal studies, law-in-context studies and critical criminology, I focus on the interactions between law, society and power in different political and socio-economic contexts.

As a doctoral researcher at the Center for Interdisciplinary Polish Studies (ZIP) of European University Viadrina (Germany), I studied the top of the ‘regulatory pyramid’. I analysed the emergence, evolution and implementation of corporate (quasi)criminal liability laws in Poland and Germany in a broad historic and socio-economic context through a combination of comparative legal and empirical methods. Theoretically grounded in state-corporate criminology and zemiology, my post-doctoral research at the University of Turku (Finland) focuses on adverse effects of otherwise socially desirable processes such as flexibilization of labour markets and automation of public administration. In so doing, I explore and document social harms generated at the state-corporate-technology nexus and regulatory responses to these harms, through comparative legal and qualitative empirical methodologies. I teach in the areas of comparative law and comparative legal research, state-corporate crime, and criminal law.

Area(s) of expertise: comparative law, zemiology, state-corporate criminology, criminal law