Houghton, Bethany

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
08 Mar 2023 -tik 02 Api 2023 -ra

Bethany Houghton is a PhD Student at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.  Before commencing her PhD, Bethany studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam (LLM) and Durham University (LLB). Bethany’s research interests lie in considering how conceptions of justice, in particular transitional justice, relate to current social issues such as the climate transition. Her PhD research examines conceptions of justice and legitimacy in a climate accountability law from a socio-legal perspective. The research uses a qualitative research methodology to identify whether and to what extent different actors in the legal system consider that a just climate should and can embody direct legal obligations towards non-human animals and environmental entities.  In addition to academic pursuits, she is Assistant Counsel at the Public International Law and Policy Group where she provides legal assistance to civil society actors on international law and human rights documentation.

Area(s) of expertise: Socio-legal studies, climate change law, transitional justice