Aguilar, Sofía Anahí

Universidad de Buenos Aires
14 Abe 2018 -tik 01 Ots 2019 -ra

During the time I stayed at the Institute, I worked, first of all, on my master's thesis: “Critic, rationality and law: Between Habermas and Foucault. Epistemological contributions for the philosophy of law field”. Also using the library I have begun to adjust the theoretical framework for my PHD thesis: "State, normativity and body. A biopolitical reading on the Argentinian political law of the positivist period (1880-1910)"

The Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law is an ideal place to work in any academic project. It is very remarkable not only the professionalism of the staff but also that they are very friendly and helpful. The Institute continually encourages different instances of highly stimulating training and exchange among academics from all over the world. Finally, I felt that the community of Oñati has opened its doors and shared everything with us, making possible this wonderful experience. I would like to return, always! Thank you!!!