Finco, Matteo

Postdoctoral researcher at Department of Social Sciences and Economics, La Sapienza University (Rome) and Research partner at INRCA-Istituto Nazionale Riposo e Cura Anziani (Ancona)
05 Abe 2021 -tik 20 Abe 2021 -ra

It was a real pleasure to come back to Oñati after five years. Here I wrote (at least) half of my Phd dissertation. Here I met nice people coming from all over the world. Here I felt stimulated to reconsider the problems I was analysing from different perspectives than mine.
Now as then, coming here means being involved in stimulating discussions during coffee breaks at the library and during improvised dinners that last late into the night. It means also establishing new relationships and new friendships.
I am really proud to have had the opportunity - generously offered by the Institute - to spend days taking advantage of the magnificent library and to illustrate my current research to a group of curious students and scholars.
I am also very grateful to the careful and devoted staff of the Institute, ready to satisfy every request and to meet every need.


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