Szymborska, Dota

No Master Thesis

Dr. Dota Szymborska is a tech ethicist with a focus on AI and generative artificial intelligence. Her work spans publishing in scientific journals and lifestyle magazines, advocating for the integration of science in everyday life. Dr. Szymborska is also known for her hands-on workshops for refugees, where she teaches about ethics and the application of AI in business contexts. As an esteemed academic lecturer at WSB University Merito in Warsaw, she leads a course on the competencies of the future and an introduction to AI, sharing her extensive knowledge with her students. Beyond academia, Dr. Szymborska runs workshops on new technology ethics for businesses through her company, ENT - Ethics of New Technologies.

A recognized figure in the field, she has delivered presentation at TEDx event and has been honored as one of the TOP 100 Women in AI in Poland. Her commitment to education and ethical discourse extends beyond her professional achievements; she is an avid triathlete and is currently embracing the challenge of learning to play golf.




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