2022ko egutegia

07 Api - 08 Api 2022

Medical, legal and lay thresholds and definitions of rape

May-Len Skilbrei
University of Oslo
Sharron FitzGerald
University of Oslo
12 Mai - 13 Mai 2022

Structural inequality and the complexity of power: understanding why transformative legal concepts hit a glass ceiling

Lorena Sosa
Utrecht University
Kathrin Thiele
Utrecht University
Alexandra Timmer
Utrecht University
19 Mai - 20 Mai 2022

Populism and the crisis of legal and political knowledge

Adam Czarnota
The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia & the University of Wrocław, Poland
Leszek Koczanowicz
SWPS, Wrocław, Poland
26 Mai - 27 Mai 2022

Constitutionalism under pressure from pandemic

Lucian Bojin
Associate Professor, West University of Timisoara, Law Faculty
Alexandra Mercescu
Lecturer, West University of Timisoara, Law Faculty
16 Eka - 17 Eka 2022

An ongoing malaise? socio-legal impacts of the pandemic

David Whyte
University of Liverpool, UK
Ignasi Bernat
University of Winchester, UK
23 Eka - 24 Eka 2022

Empirical research with judicial professionals and courts: Methods and practices

Sharyn Roach Anleu
Matthew Flinders Distinguished Professor, Flinders University
João Paulo Dias
Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
Paula Casaleiro
Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra
30 Eka - 01 Uzt 2022

‘Living Cheek by Jowl’: Socio-legal explorations of the challenges of housing intensification

Sergio Nasarre Aznar
University Rovira i Virgili, Spain
Susan Bright
Oxford University, United Kingdom
Helen Carr
University of Kent, United Kingdom
Nicole Johnston
Deakin University, Australia
07 Uzt - 08 Uzt 2022

Artefacts of Law: methods, lines of inquiry and ethics in archival research

Agata Fijalkowski
Leeds Law School, Leeds Beckett University
Andy Aydın-Aitchison
School of Law, University of Edinburgh
11 Uzt - 12 Uzt 2022

Negotiating Entanglement: Social Movements and the Practice of Dispute Management

Bronwen Morgan
University of New South Wales Australia
Amy Cohen
University of New South Wales Australia
Matthew Canfield
Van Vollenhoven Institute, Leiden Law School Netherlands
14 Uzt - 15 Uzt 2022

Global perspectives on prisoners’ families

Rachel Condry
Professor, University of Oxford
Shona Minson
British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford
Peter Scharff Smith
Professor, University of Oslo
Mark Halsey
Professor, Flinders University


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