Structural inequality and the complexity of power: understanding why transformative legal concepts hit a glass ceiling

De 12 Mayo hasta 13 Mayo

Coordinadores: Lorena Sosa (Utrecht University), Kathrin Thiele (Utrecht University ), Alexandra Timmer (Utrecht University)

Nuestra experiencia en Oñati

On May 12-13, we had the pleasure to organize the workshop "Structural inequality and the complexity of power: understanding why transformative legal concepts hit a glass ceiling" at the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law in Spain. The workshop offered us the opportunity to engage with a selected group of participants in discussions about the different dynamics that interfere with the transformative potential of notions such as equality, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality and anti-stereotyping. Participants from different disciplinary and geographical/geopolitical angles and in different stages in their carriers submitted reflection pieces on the topic and presented short statements in a round table dynamic. This format allowed for an inspiring and intellectually challenging atmosphere, which was enhanced by the charm and unique location of the Institute.


For several of the participants this was the first ‘real life’ interaction after two years of pandemic-virtuality, creating both enthusiasm and trepidation. For us conveners, considerations about potential disruptions and last-minute cancellations were not easily put aside, but decided to carry out the workshop ‘in person’. We would like to highlight and express our gratitude to the Institute’s organizers and support staff for their wholeheartedness and attention to detail, who offered us the unique opportunity to take two days away from daily obligations and delve deeper into questions about the potential of law to foster equality. We look forward to continue our collaborations in the future.

Alexandra Timmer, Kathrin Thiele and Lorena Sosa

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