Wróbel, Marcin

Jagiellonian University
De 22 Sep 2022 hasta 25 Oct 2022

PhD Candidate at the Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland, preparing dissertation about legal consciousness in sociology.

Law (2014) and cultural studies (2017) graduate. Currently working as researcher and teacher at Institute of Sociology (Jagiellonian University) in EU funded project at Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University in Centrum Nauki Kopernik Fundation.

Previously principal investigator (2013-2019) in the research project Expropriation in the Tatra Mountains National Park.

Socio-legal case study (at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Jagiellonian University). Co-editor of Przestrzenny wymiar prawa [Spatial dimension of law] first polish book on geography of law, published in Kraków (2018).

Area(s) of expertise: legal consiousness