Katvan, Eyal

Peres Academic Center
De 17 Jun 2024 hasta 26 Jun 2024

Prof. Eyal Katvan is a Jurist, Ethicist, Bioethicist and Legal and Medical Historian. He is an Associate Professor at Peres Academic Center. Prof. Katvan wrote two Doctoral dissertations.

The research he conducts is multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, combining the fields of Law, Medicine, Women/Gender, Ethics and History, focusing on: 1. Health/Medical Profession(s), History of Medicine and Bioethics/Medical Humanities; 2. The Legal Professions, Professional Ethics and Legal History. Many of his studies have been published in the leading peer-reviewed legal, historical (Israel Studies), gender/women’s studies and medical journals.  His research is cited in courts decisions (including precedential Supreme Court decisions), and the daily press. Prof. Katvan presented his research at dozens of conferences and workshops, in cooperation with leading scholars in the field in Israel and abroad.

Area(s) of expertise: Law, Legal Professions, Legal Ethics, Bioethics, Legal History; History of Medicine, Law and Society


It’s been a wonderful experience – spending time at the Institute as a visiting scholar. The library’s collection – dedicated to the sociology of law is a perfect place to work in (the collection on the legal profession is impressive!). I would like to thank the entire staff for their hospitality and for their assistance.