Qualitative Approaches to Research

De 20 Nov 2023 hasta 24 Nov 2023

Course in the Module "Socio-Legal Research and Thesis Seminar" (1,5 ECTS)

This course looks at the design and practice of qualitative research. Students will gain an understanding of the epistemological foundations of qualitative research and of qualitative research methods, including interviewing and ethnography. They will also be discussing what to do with qualitative data and engage in critical discussions of trends in and implications of policy research. Finally, they will also gain an appreciation of the ethical principles that underlie social science research, particularly in relation to qualitative research methods.

Unlike other courses in the programme, Qualitative Approaches is delivered in a blended way. It combines video-recorded mini-lectures with face-to-face workshops. The videos discuss theoretical issues relating to qualitative research methodology, and the workshops provide an opportunity to discuss in-depth issues relating to qualitative research and, especially, to develop practical research skills with hands-on exercises.