Oñati Community


Oñati Community (OC) is the newest project/initiative in the Oñati Institute.

The project, which was launched informally in 2016, was incorporated into the range of activities of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law in 2017.

OC brings together the community of scholars, Master students, research visitors, workshop and Conference participants who take an active part and interest in the activities of the Institute and wish to be connected and networked for all kinds of academic success initiatives and social activities such as joint projects, social parallel gatherings around academic events, news about the Oñati Institute and the OC members, meeting OC members around the globe, organising future events or remembering past events. 

The OC also brings news about Oñati and the Basque Country and Basque culture.

 Membership is open to all persons who are enthusiastic about the genuine Oñati experience and some degree of active involvement in the OC is expected from the members, and voluntary contribution to a small fund that can be used to support the OC activities and small but important financial help for students or Conference participations

Please take a moment and visit http://onati.community now and add the address to your bookmarks!

INTERVIEWS with members of the OÑATI COMMUNITY : https://bit.ly/3eedMdi
Para más información: 

Susana Arrese Murguzur

Master coordination
Avenida de la Universidad, 8
Apartado 28
20560 Oñati (Gipuzkoa) - Spain
T: +34 943 78... Ver teléfono

E: s.arrese@iisj.es