Vancea, Mihaela

Multiculturalism and Paradoxes of Immigrant Integration: The Case of Newcomer Arab Immigrants in Malmö, Sweden.

I believe that the studies at the IISL helped me understand various legal aspects related with migrants' rights and migration policies. They also contribute to my socio-legal formation in the area of international migration. Accordingly, I wrote various articles that focus on the relationship between migrants ‘rights at state level and the international instruments of human rights. I  really enjoyed my stay with the IISL.  I had the opportunity to meet and cherish the lectures of some wonderful professors in the area of sociology of law. I also made longstanding friendships with students from different cultural backgrounds. I absolutely felt in love with Basque Country and Oñati in particular. I came to understand better the Basque identity and its political meaning. It was a real fruitful and profound learning and life experience for me.