07 Nov 2017

How to apply for a PhD?

Melville, Angela (Flinders University, Australia)
02 Nov 2017

How to conduct interviews?

Melville, Angela (Flinders University, Australia)
08 Mar 2017

Reflexive mediation as a mechanism of social regulation

Gaddi, Daniela (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona)
17 Jan 2017

Competition law through an ordoliberal lens

Herrera Anchústegui, Ignacio (University of Bergen, Norway)
20 Dec 2016

Transitional Justice in South Africa and Colombia: In Conversation

Martínez Miguel, Ainhoa (GCON4 Group, London School of Business); Vázquez Guevara, Valeria (Melbourne Law School, Australia)
07 Dec 2016

Legal Pluralism and the Rule of Law

Chalmers, Shane (Australian National University)
09 Nov 2016
03 Nov 2016

The exogenous law: remarks on the issue of collective ancestral lands in Argentina and Chile

Lazzerini, Ilaria (Ph.D. in Law and Society - "Renato Treves")