Grant Application form for the Master's Programme

The IISL has only very limited funds that can be made available in the form of small grants for very few students in our programme. Even then, these grants will cover only a relatively small part of the overall expenses for studying in Oñati. They are thus a form of supplementary support on which you cannot rely yet when making your plans. (Availability of funds also depends on whether the RCSL, our supporting organisation on the part of the international scientific community, can convert income generated from conferences or membership fees to student grants.) Hence, applications for IISL small grants have to be considered last in your funding plan, and they are premised on that you make use of other funding possibilities first. This includes that you apply for scholarships from any other sources you qualify for (please see a non-exhaustive list here).


The IISL small grants are strictly means-tested, which means that we have to be able to assess the students´ needs in relation to the means that are available to them. This includes other grants or scholarships applied for or obtained. For this assessment, we have to request a funding plan from every student who applies. The collected information will only be used for the purpose of the assessment of students´ eligibility for these grants and be handled confidentially by the staff involved in the selection process. 

If you are interested in asking for a grant to take part in the IISL’s International Master’s in Sociology of Law, this is the information you need to submit.

Personal Data
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