Woodlock, John

Lund University
De 21 Oct 2021 hasta 11 Dic 2021

I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Sociology of Law, at Lund University, Sweden. I have a Master’s degree in Global Studies with a major in Sociology of Law. I have previously attended several courses at the IISL in Oñati during the 2015-2016 Masters programme.  My PhD project focusses on European Union (EU) civil aviation and in particular, on the profession and professionalism of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers across Europe. My ongoing  research explores, from a socio-legal perspective, the complexity and interplay between legal norms, safety and professional norms surrounding the regulation and work practices of civil aviation. The research I conduct critically engages with the concepts of risk, safety, human factors and legal accountability from the bottom up perspective of  licensed aircraft maintenance engineers. My interest in the field of aviation stems from his having a long professional technical background in different sectors of aviation ranging from Search and Rescue operations to international commercial aviation (airline).

Area(s) of expertise: Aviation, Risk, Safety, Legal Consciousness, Evaluation Research,