44. Challenging the Legal Boundaries of Work Regulation

Editores: Judy Fudge, Shae McCrystal & Kamala Sankaran

2012 , 340 p. , ISBN: 9781849462792 (Hb) ; (Pb) ; 9781847319777 (pdf) ; 9781847319784 (ePub)

Focusing on paid work that blurs traditional legal boundaries and the challenge this poses to traditional forms of labour regulation, this collection of original case studies illustrates the wide range of different forms of regulation designed to provide decent work. The original case studies cover a diversity of workers from across developed and developing countries, the formal and informal economies and public and private work spaces. Each deals with the failings of traditional labour law, and several explore the capacity of different forms of regulatory techniques, such as commercial law, corporate codes of conduct, or supply chain regulation, to protect workers.

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