Bittencourt Otto, Natália

University of Sao Paulo
04 Nov 2016 to 16 Dec 2016
Experience in Oñati: 

I had a wonderful time at the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law and would like to thank all members of the Institute for their help throughout these past six weeks. I am currently at the end of the second year of my Master’s Degree in the University of São Paulo, a moment in which I am writing my dissertation about the biographical narratives of teenage girls incarcerated for violent crimes in Brazil. I have spent my time in Onãti accessing the Institute’s wide library, where I found many materials concerning my research interests. Mine is not a widely-studied topic, and I had trouble finding literature about it in Brazil. I came to Oñati hoping to find readings on this subject and was not disappointed. The library is incredible and provided me more materials about my chosen object of study that I could ask for (or read in a lifetime!). Thus, I have been reading books and papers on female offenders, feminist criminology and girls’ involvement in gangs and urban violence, all of which will be invaluable to the development of my dissertation.

Apart from its library, the Institute as a whole is a stimulating place for intellectual work. Living with fellow scholars and Master’s students at the Residence was both fun and inspiring, as we discussed many of our research and political concerns over dinner daily. I would like to thank all the friends I made for being so welcoming and for making my experience in the IISL so rich. Oñati is also wonderful and very hospitable to visitors. I will forever cherish the memories I made living in this lovely city.

Thank you very much to each member of the Institute, to my friends at the Residence and to the population of Oñati. Eskerrik asko!