Newsletter no. 52 is out and available on our website. As usual, it opens with a letter from our scientific director, Prof. Vincenzo Ferrari, and it goes on to summarize what's most newsworthy at and around the Institute; among other news, Prof. Ferrari's visit to University Carlos III of Madrid and to University of Alicante as a guest lecturer; some changes in the Institute's staff; the latest workshops and 'bilkuras' of the year and the call for workshop proposals, the opening of the International Master...


El boletín (newsletter) del IISJ nº 52 ya está en la red. Se abre con una carta de nuestro director científico, el profesor Vincenzo Ferrari, y recopila a continuación las noticias más importantes que han sucedido alrededor del Instituto en los últimos meses; entre otras novedades, la participación del prof.


El director científico del IISJ, Vincenzo Ferrari, ha sido el entrevistado principal del semanario en euskera Puntua, editado por el grupo Goiena.

Ibarra, Lucero

Lucero Ibarra Rojas is Professor-Researcher at the Center for Research and Teaching in Economics (CIDE – México). She holds a PhD in Law & Society at the University of Milan (2015), a Master's in Sociology of Law at the Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (2010), and a First Degree in Law at the Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo (2008).

Findlay, Mark

Professor Findlay has held chairs in law, international criminal justice and criminology in Ireland, the UK, Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and established the law school at the University of the South Pacific.  He is the author of 27 books and over 150 articles and chapters.   Mark has consulted for the UN, the World Bank and the ILO.  Most recently he worked on issues of crime, corruption and culture in Papua New Guinea.  Professor Findlay recently published ‘Law’s Regulatory Relevance; Property, power and market economies