Winczorek, Jan

University of Warsaw
10 Eka 2017 -tik 24 Eka 2017 -ra

During my stay at the IISL I was conducting library research for a research project on small and medium enterpreneurs' (SME's) access to justice in Poland. Within the confines of that project an extensive empirical research is to be conducted, but first some conceptual and theoretical issues had to be resolved. Specifically, I was interested in the relationships between the notions of uncertainty, indeterminacy and disorder as used in the sociological and socio-legal scholarship, and conceptualizations of paths to justice used by SMEs and individuals. As expected, IISL proved to be a perfect place for such an undertaking. While Institute's excellent library provided me with all necessary readings, the celebrated ambience of Onati and its surrounding nature helped me to reach the state of mind needed for effective academic work.