McKeen, Patara

Pakistani Immigration and Integration in the Basque Country: A Case Study of Oñati

My graduate studies in the Master’s in Sociology of Law program at the International Institute of the Sociology of Law in Oñati, Spain have challenged me to think logically and clearly and allowed me to apply my intellectual skills in the service of social change. At the International Institute for the Sociology of Law, I have engaged in a scholastic program strengthened by a well-established international reputation. Through intensive coursework, tutelage under leading international experts and a truly multicultural student body I have come to understand the impact strong, critical, and well-written research has on producing excellent academic work. At the institute, I focused on analyzing questions pertaining to identity, citizenship, and the effects these have on community status. I would recommend the Master’s in Sociology of Law to students who wish to pursue a study that reflects these diverse values.