Bengoetxea, Joxerramon

University of the Basque Country (Spain)


PhD, University of Edinburgh. Professor of Law, University of the Basque Country where he coordinates the PH D programme in Sociology of Law and teaches in three official Master programmes. He has been Scientific Director of the Oñati Institute (2005-07), Director of the network ELAP-The Economics of Lifelong Learning (2004-05); Legal Secretary at the European Court of Justice (1993-1998 and 2002-2003), and Deputy Minister for Employment, Labour and Social Security at the Basque Autonomous Government (1998-2001).

Publications include The Legal Reasoning of the European Court of Justice (1993), Zuzenbideaz Teoria Kritiko Trinkoa (1993)  La Europa Peter Pan. El constitucionalismo europeo en la encrucijada (2005), and over 100 articles or book chapters on issues of legal reasoning and legal theory, substantive EC law and constitutional law of the EU, the issue of regionalism and governance in the EU, comparative law and legal culture, political philosophy (theory of soverreignty,nationalism and European integration).