State and Citizenship: reflections on the migrants as activist

14 Nov 2016 to 25 Nov 2016

The neoliberal globalization is transforming political and legal concepts such as the state, sovereignty, territory, or national citizenship law. Phenomena such as migrations are influenced by these changes, since they arise supra-state regulatory projects seeking the creation of a global workforce by selective control of the movement of people. In opposition to this trend, migrants sent to the margins of the system burst into the public space, as a new subject of juridical claiming fundamental rights due to them. Through the case study of the sit-ins in churches, hunger strikes and demonstrations, such as those used in Barcelona in 2001, we will try to understand the legal nature of those alternative practices that claim other models of citizenship.

  • Key legal ideas for  the analysis of the emergence of new legal subjects 
  • On governance and new forms of regulation of migration as a global phenomenon 
  • The transformations of the State in controlling migrations 
  • Citizenship beyond the nation state 
  • The caase Study sinpapeles struggles of immigrants in Barcelona in 2001 and its socio-legal impacts
State and Citizenship: reflections on the migrants as activist  Prof. Iker Barbero - (University of the Basque Country)