Elonheimo, Henrik

Master thesis: 
Understanding Organizational Wrongdoing
Experience in Oñati: 

Very useful! In my country, the disciplines of sociology of law and criminology are very small (and unfortunately, becoming still smaller). The international atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, and high-quality lecturers guaranteed that I have very good memories from the IISL. The residence with all the students living in the same place was fantastic, too. I guess I do not have any special memory above others, but there were many highlights during my stay in Onati: the most fantastic room mate Alejandro with whom I used to play squash at the sports centre and pool at the residence, trips to Donostia and Bilbo, Spanish lectures given by the lovely Carbine, good service at the local travel guide, bar-hopping at nights, hiking and biking on the mountains, nice ceremony with the defense of the tesina, good and inspiring teachers, interesting seminars and visiting scholars, etc