There are deadlines to be strictly observed:

  • Book proposal resulting from workshops, before 10 September  [+info]
  • Workshops (to be held in 2022) applications before March 5, 2021 [+info]
  • Residence grants (2021-2022) applications before February 5, 2021 [+info]
  • Master (2021-2022) applications before June 30, 2021 [+info]
  • Oñatiko Udala grant (2021): 13:00 hours 26/02/2021 [+info]

All  IISL programmes support and give preference to applications from non-Western countries in order to foster the globalization of the Sociology of Law. Decisions are taken by the Scientific Director, assisted by the Committees.

Workshops are meetings around a socio-legal topic with at least 15 participants.

The Master's in Sociology of Law offers 10-12 courses between October and March followed by a period of tutorship when the tesina research is carried out. Between 15 and 20 students are admitted annually.

Residence grants offer free accommodation in the Institute’ s residence between October and March. Check the conditions [+info]