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It is a one-year programme (60 ECTS) accredited by the UPV/EHU. Thirteen two week courses from September to March (40 ECTS) and a Master Thesis (Research Project) from April to September (20 ECTS) [+programme]
We accept students with good first degrees in law, sociology and other social sciences (eg geography, political science, economics, psychology, journalism, cultural studies, criminology, philosophy, etc.). 
Taught by leading international experts [+] who travel specially to Oñati for the programme. While the IISJ is located in the Basque Country, the programme is taught entirely in English. [+info] [+applications]
Deadlline for application forms: February 28, 2016
Further information: susana@iisj.es


The International Institute for the Sociology of Law invites applications to hold workshops at its facilities in 2016. The Institute provides modern, full-equipped meeting rooms of various sizes, excellent accommodations in its Residence, arrangements at local restaurants at very reasonable prices, free bus service from/to the nearest airport and train station, total logistical and planning support. Publishing [+] options.

Regulations for applications [+info] [+application form].
The deadline for applications: February 12, 2016
Further information: malen@iisj.es
1 - 12 Feb. 2016

Master course: Access to Justice and Legal Aid: socio-legal aspects - Bernard Hubeau – University of Antwerp (+info)

9 February 2016

Visiting Scholar - Camilo Umaña. Externado University, Colombia [+info]

12 February 2016

Deadline to submit applications to organise a workshop during 2017 [+info]

André-Jean Arnaud in Memoriam

André-Jean ArnaudWith biggest sadness we learned that Professor Andre-Jean Arnaud the first scientific director of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law passed away before Christmas. Professor Andre- Jean Arnaud was a well known distinguish socio-legal scholar who just last year received Adam Podgorecki’s Prize in recognition for lifetime academic achievement.

For us Andre-Jean Arnaud was above all one of the founding fathers of the Institute, its first academic director (in 1989) and member of its Governing Board for life. He was the true friend always willing to devote time and energy to the Institute.

Professor Andre-Jean Arnaud designed the structure of the Institute, which survived more than 26 years, and is still in full operation. He always wanted to make the Institute the scholarly meeting place in which scholars from different time will exchange ideas.

He always stressed the necessity to develop not only the master program but also have PhD researchers around in the Institute in Onati. In his vision, the Institute was the center for advanced studies, which it has actually became.

He will be deeply missed by the staff of the Institute and global socio-legal community.

OSLS Vol 5, No 5 (2015): Investigations - Investigaciones - Ikerlanak

Farinha, G.R. Legal Pluralism: Interactions Between Official and Unofficial Laws: The Case Study of a Multi-ethnic Community Farm. 1181-1208. [+pdf]

Howard, T., 2015. The “Rules of Engagement”: A Socio-legal Framework for Improving Community Engagement in Natural Resource Governance. 1209-1235. [+pdf]

Kaufman, E., 2015. Bryant Park as a Site of Production: Revenue and Social Control. 1236-1235. [+pdf]

Monte, M.E., 2015. Abortion Liberalization Demand in Argentina: Legal Discourses as Site of Power Struggle: A Case Study on the Structural Case Portal de Belén vs. Córdoba (2012-2013). 1261-1290. [+pdf]

Nieminen, K., 2015. Rebels without a Cause? Civil disobedience, Conscientious Objection and the Art of Argumentation in the Case Law of the European Court of Human Rights. 1291-1308. [+pdf]

Oliver Olmo, P., Urda Lozano, J.C., 2015. Bureau-repression: Administrative Sanction and Social Control in Modern Spain. 1309-1328. [+pdf]

Sá e Silva, F. de, 2015. Lawyers, Governance, and Globalization: the Diverging Paths of “Public Interest Law” across the Americas. 1329-1350. [+pdf]

Telleria, I., Ahedo Gurrutxaga, I., 2015. Gobernanza Urbana y Participación Comunitaria: Los Casos de Barcelona, Bilbao y Pamplona. 1351-1381. [+pdf]

Pedernera, L., Torrado Martín-Palomino, E., 2015. La Prostitución desde la Perspectiva de la Demanda: Amarres Enunciativos para su Conceptualización. 1382-1400. [+pdf]

Zubiaurre, A., 2015. El Aseguramiento de los Informes de Sostenibilidad: Diferencias Sustanciales con la Auditoría de Cuentas. 1401-1422. [+pdf]

Book Reviews

Robert Leckey (ed). After Legal Equality: Family, Sex, Kinship. Abingdon: Oxon; New York, NY: Routledge, 2015, pp. 224, ISBN 978-0-415-72161-5 £85 [+pdf ]

Donald Black. Moral Time. Oxford & New York: Oxford University Press, 2011, pp. 288, ISBN 978-0-19-973714-7 £21,99 [+pdf]

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