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Volkmar Gessner: in memoriam
Professor Volkmar Gessner With sadness we wish to inform you, that after a long illness, Prof. Dr. Volkmar Gessner has passed away.

He was one of the founders, and probably the most important force, of the International Institute for the Sociology of Law. He not only worked together with Kiko Caballero and André-Jean Arnaud on creation of the Institute but, ever since that time, always offered his time and energy to the Institute. In 2003-2005 he served as its Scientific Director.

His illness did not allow him to attend the 25th Anniversary Congress of the Institute this year but he was in touch with the organiser giving valuable advice.

He was a distinguished scholar in sociology of law and a dear friend of the Institute. He will be deeply missed.

24 Nov. – 5 Dec. 2014

Course on "Socio-Legal Research Theory and Practice: Qualitative Methods" (+info)

By Prof. Maggie Walter (+info)

5th December 2014

Visiting Scholar - Katarzyna Bagan-Kurluta (Poland). Professor, University of Bialystok [+info]

9 – 19 Dec. 2014

Course on "A Sociology of Constitutionalism" (+info)
By  por el Prof. Jiri Priban (+info

New book published in Hart

Women's Rights to Social Security and Social ProtectionWomen's Rights to Social Security and Social Protection
Edited by Beth Goldblatt, Lucie Lamarche
2014, 278 pp. ISBN: 9781849466929

[+table of contents]

[+Sample chapter]

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[+buy online (Hart)]

NEW ISSUE: OSLS 4 (4) Law in the Age of Media Logic (October-December)

Issue edited by Bryna Bogoch (Bar Ilan University), Keith J. Bybee (Syracuse University), Yifat Holzman-Gazit (College of Management, Rishon Lezion) and Anat Peleg (Bar Ilan University).

Bogoch, B., Bybee, K., Holzman-Gazit, Y., Peleg, A.: Law in the Age of Media Logic: an introduction. [+Download PDF]

Bybee, K.J.: Muckraking: The Case of the United States Supreme Court. [+Download PDF]
Jones, R.A.: Media Politicization of the United States Supreme Court. [+Download PDF]
Bogoch, B., Holzman-Gazit, Y.: Promoting Justices: Media Coverage of Judicial Nominations in Israel. [+Download PDF]
Davis, R.: Political and Media Factors in the Evolution of the Media’s Role in U.S. Supreme Court Nominations. [+Download PDF]
Schneiderman, D.: Canadian Judicial Nomination Processes and the Press: ‘Interesting, in a Sleepy Sort of Way’. [+Download PDF]
Miljan, L.: Supreme Court Coverage in Canada: A Case Study of Media Coverage of the Whatcott Decision. [+Download PDF]
Haltom, W. And McCann, M.: Litigation, Mass Media, and the Campaign to Criminalize the Firearms Industry. [+Download PDF]
Spencer, R.: Do Members of the Public Have a ‘Right to Know’ about Similar Fact Evidence? The Emily Perry Story and the ‘Right to Know’ in the Context of a Fair Re-Trial. [+Download PDF]
Rose, M., Fox, R.: Public Engagement with the Criminal Justice System in the Age of Social Media. [+Download PDF]
Moran, L.J.: Managing the News Image of the Judiciary: the Role of Judicial Press Officers. [+Download PDF]
Peleg, A., Bogoch, B.: Silence is no longer golden: Media, public relations and the judiciary in Israel. [+Download PDF]

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