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OSLS 5 (1) Indignation, Socio-economic Inequality and the Role of Law (January - March)

Issue edited by Jane Matthews Glenn (McGill University), Anneke Smit (University of Windsor) and Véronique Fortin (University of California, Irvine).

This issue takes its theme from Stéphane Hessel’s cri de coeur, Indignez-vous! and the protest movements it inspired, which we saw as protests against the social inequality that necessarily follows from economic inequality and other power imbalances.
Because of the breadth of the workshop theme and the diversity of its participants – which included a critical mass of doctrinal legal scholars in the mix – participants were asked to choose topics which 1) raised their indignation, 2) reflected economic inequality, 3) led to a violation of socio-economic rights, and 4) involved a possible role for the law (or public policy) either in causing the violation or in providing a solution to it (or both). The papers in this volume show that the participants responded enthusiastically to this request.

W.A. Bogart: Who Wants a Fat Child?: Care for Obese Children in Weight Obsessed Societies. 8-28. [+Download pdf]
L. Bornstein, , K. Leetmaa: Moving Beyond Indignation: Stakeholder Tactics, Legal Tools and Community Benefits in Large-Scale Redevelopment Projects. 29-50. [+Download pdf]
M.N. Cardwell: Farmers, Milk Prices and Rural Indignation. 51-72. [+Download pdf]
H. Carr, D. Cowan: The Social Tenant, the Law and the UK’s Politics of Austerity. 73-89. [+Download pdf]
S.B. Coutin, B. Yngvesson: Indignation and Intelligibility: Contradictions that Place Vulnerable Populations ‘Off the Grid’. 90-113. [+Download pdf]
V. Fortin: Occupation, Exclusion and the “Homeless Problem” during Occupy Montreal. 114-134. [+Download pdf]
J. Matthews Glenn: The Canadian Wheat Board, Socio-economic Vulnerability and the Neo-liberal State. 135-161. [+Download pdf]
J.E. Milne, J. Miller: Taxation’s Troubling Toxicity. 162-205. [+Download pdf]
S. Poier: Privately Owned Public Spaces: the Internet and the Shaping of a New Breed of Consumers. From Participants to Users. 206-217. [+Download pdf]
L. Porras: Rebuscadores: Indignation about the Legal Misrecognition of the Most Vulnerable Segment of the Working Poor in Bogotá. 218-236. [+Download pdf]
C. Sheppard: “Bread and Roses”: Economic Justice and Constitutional Rights). 237-257. [+Download pdf]
A. Smit: Expropriation and the Socio-economic Status of Neighbourhoods in Canada: Equal Sharing of the Public Interest Burden?. 258-279. [+Download pdf]
M.E. Sylvestre, D. Bernier, C. Bellot: Zone Restrictions Orders in Canadian Courts and the Reproduction of Socio-Economic Inequality. 280-297. [+Download pdf]
C. Toppin-Allahar: “De Beach Belong to We!” Socio-Economic Disparity and Islanders’ Rights of Access to the Coast in a Tourist Paradise. 298-317. [+Download pdf]
V. Verdolini: Looking for the Revolution: Fighting for Socioeconomic Rights and Democracy in Tunisia. 318-340. [+Download pdf]

2 – 13 March 2015

Course on "Criminal Justice: Global Perspectives" (+info)

By Prof. Jill Hunter (+info)

8th March 2015

Visiting Scholar - Verena Zoppei. PhD Student of the University of Milan, Italy [+info]

16 – 27 March 2015

Course on "Gender, Law and Everyday Lives" (+info)

By Prof. Anne Griffiths (+info)


It is a one-year programme (60 ECTS) accredited by the UPV/EHU. Thirteen two week courses from September to March (40 ECTS) and a Master Thesis (Research Project) from April to September (20 ECTS) [+programme] [+brochure pdf] [+leaflet]
We accept students with good first degrees in law, sociology and other social sciences (eg geography, political science, economics, psychology, journalism, cultural studies, criminology, philosophy, etc.). 
Taught by leading international experts [+]who travel specially to Oñati for the programme. While the IISJ is located in the Basque Country, the programme is taught entirely in English. [+info] [+applications]

Further information: susana@iisj.es

Drogas, legislaciones y alternativas

Drogas, legislaciones y alternativas: de los discursos de las sentencias sobre el tráfico ilegal de drogas a la necesidad de políticas diferentes [+download pdf]
Xabier Arana

La obra de Xabier Arana que se presenta es un buen exponente del tiempo en el proceso de avanzar en profundidad en la solución de los «problemas sociales». Presentada como Tesis Doctoral en el año 2011 en la Facultad de Derecho de la UPV/EHU como «Tesis europea», mereció la calificación de «Sobresaliente ‘cum laude’» por unanimidad y, sin duda, que también recoge un importante cambio de las palabras para hablar de las problemáticas, ahora, de las drogas denominadas ilegales.
Ignacio Muñagorri. Prólogo.

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