Programme 2019

04 Apr - 05 Apr 2019

Art in prisons: talking restorative justice through artistic and narrative projects

Gema Varona
Senior researcher at the Basque Institute of Criminology Basque Institute of Criminology (UPV/EHU)
Roberto Moreno
Dirección de Justicia del Gobierno Vasco
Lourdes Fernández Manzano
Abogada y Mediadora
02 May - 03 May 2019

Climate Justice in the Anthropocene

Sam Adelman
University of Warwick
Louis Kotze
Northwestern University
09 May - 10 May 2019

Vindicatory Justice: Revenge, Composition and Reconciliation in a Historical and Contemporary Socio-legal Perspective

Riccardo Mazzola
Università degli Studi di Milano
Raúl Márquez Porras
Universitat de Barcelona
24 May - 24 May 2019
06 Jun - 07 Jun 2019

Contesting Austerity – A Socio-Legal Inquiry into Resistance to Austerity

Anuscheh Farahat
Director of the Emmy-Noether-Research Group (DFG) "Transnational Solidarity Conflicts", Goethe- University Frankfurt a.M
Xabier Arzoz
Tribunal Constitucional
27 Jun - 28 Jun 2019

“Too Much Litigation?”: Facts, Reasons, Consequences, and Solutions

Eyal Katvan
Law School, College of Law and Business, Ramat-Gan, Israel
Ulrike Schultz
Guy Seidman
The Radzyner School of Law, The Interdisciplinary Center, Israel
Avrom Sherr
IALS, University of London
Boaz Shnoor
Law School, College of Law and Business, Ramat-Gan, Israel
04 Jul - 05 Jul 2019

Social Control, Judicialization of Social Problems and Governance of Security in Comparative Perspectives

Joao Velloso
University of Ottawa
Vivian Paes
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Nitéroi, RJ, Brazil
11 Jul - 12 Jul 2019

International Law, the United Nations Declarations of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous Data Sovereignty

Maggie Walter
University of Tasmania
Desi Rodriguez-Lonebear
University of Arizona


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