Student support fund

Sources of income

Income to the Student Support Fund comes from several sources:


One of the parent bodies of the Institute, the Research Committee for the Sociology of Law, has agreed to make an annual grant of €3000, and the Institute makes a matching grant of €3000. In addition, since 2001 the Institute has paid €7800 into this Fund instead of paying a fee to teachers on the programme.

  • Individual Donations

Many individuals have made generous donations to the Institute for a number of years for the support of students, and we welcome all such donations. They can be made by any of the following means:

  1. electronically, using the secure payments facility on the Institute website
  2. by direct bank transfer. The account details are:
    IBAN ES97 0182 0326 1102 0151 6752.
    For out of Europe:
    Bank:BBVA (0182), Branch: Oñati (0326),
    Account nº 0201516752
  3. by cheque or money order sent to: Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica / International Institute for the Sociology of Law [address]
  4. by cash or credit card in person in Oñati.

All Donations will be gratefully received.

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The Institute has established this Fund to finance various types of support for students who could not otherwise afford to participate in the Master´s programme. At present the main types of support are:

  • Tiruchelvam Grants

Named after Neelan Tiruchelvam these grants go to students from countries in category C of the list drawn up by the International Sociological Association. They cover the cost of the tuition fees and lodging in a shared room for a period of 6 months in the Institute’s Hall of Residence.


  • Renato Treves Grants

Named after Renato Treves, these grants go to any student who can demonstrate need. The amounts granted can vary according to the particular circumstances of the student, to cover up to half of the tuition fees and/or lodging in a shared room in the Institute’s Hall of Residence.


  • Student Activity Grants

These are small payments made for activities such as participation in a conference, or to fund a research resource such as special software or hardware.

The Tiruchelvam and Renato Treves grants are decided by the Master´s Programme Committee of the Governing Body. The Student Activity Grants are awarded by the Scientific Director.

An annual statement of the grants awarded will be posted on the Institute´s website.

Donate via Paypal