The global rise of populism has been the subject of an open seminar by Bart van Klink

28 Sep 2018

Professor Bart van Klink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) has conducted the seminar titled The Global Rise of Populism today at the IISL, with several alumni and visiting professors in...

The presentation of the Oñatiko Udala Grant-winning works drew many locals

26 Sep 2018

Many local people attended last evening's presentation of this year's Oñatiko Udala Grant-winning works: Mujeres de 65: Un estudio sobre las mujeres retiradas y su contribución a la identidad, cultura, sociedad y economía de Oñati, by Leopoldo Cruz Balbuena, and Oñati's youth facing...

Bart van Klink will give an open seminar on the rise of populism

24 Sep 2018

As is usual, the programme for this year's International Master course includes several open events, one of which will take place next Friday, 28 September: the open seminar called The Global Rise of Populism, by professor Bart van Klink (IISL, André-Jean Arnaud hall, ground floor, 11:...

Leopoldo Cruz y Samara Velte.

Both Oñatiko Udala grant awardees will present their finished projects

19 Sep 2018


El martes que viene, 25 de septiembre, se presentarán los trabajos ganadores de la beca Oñatiko Udala Grant que se falló...

New issue of OSLS and Recognition of quality from Italy

03 Sep 2018

September has come with exciting news - on the one hand, The IISL is proud to announce that ANVUR, Italy's National Evaluation Agency for University and Research, has acknowledged the scientific level of Oñati Socio-legal Series and placed it...

The workshop participants.

A workshop on Niklas Luhmann to close this year's programme

27 Jul 2018

Ten scholars from universities of nine countries have gathered at the IISL to analyze Niklas Luhmann, on the 20th anniversary of his death. The workshop, called Niklas Luhmann 20 Years...

The workshop participants.

Successful workshop on 'Social Ontology of Law in Legal Education'

19 Jul 2018

Fifteen academics from Poland, Romania, Canada and the United Kingdom are having the workshop titled Social Ontology of Law in Legal Education, at the Oñati IISL, under the guidance of professors Michał...

The workshop participants.

Scholars from 10 countries are analyzing the "new constitutionalism"

13 Jul 2018

Scholars from universities of ten countries are having a workshop on New constitutionalism? New forms of democracy and rule of law beyond liberalism. The meeting,...

The workshop participants, with Vincenzo Ferrari.

Female adolescents and criminal justice systems, at the core of a workshop

29 Jun 2018

Fifteen experts from universities of Uruguay, Barcelona, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Zaragoza, Mexico and the Basque Country, as well as representatives of juvenile courts, are discussing the link between female adolescents and criminal justice systems in Latin America and in Europe. The...