Scholars from four continents are examining lawyers' disciplinary systems at the IISL

26 Apr 2018

The third workshop of the season, Regulating Lawyers through Disciplinary Systems, has gathered scholars from four continents at the IISL -Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Oceania are represented in this workshop, which is being chaired by Kay-Wah Chan (Macquarie University), Judith McMorrow (Boston College Law School), and Sida Liu (University of Toronto).

During the Thursday and Friday meetings, participants will look at the different disciplinary systems across the world, and will try to answer questions such as: What are the main objectives in establishing the ethical regulatory systems in the different jurisdictions? Is the system for protecting the clients (consumers), the legal system (justice, smooth operation, and public trust), the profession (reputation and public trust), and/or the state’s power? If there are multiple objectives, is there a ranking of priority among them? What is/are the common ethical misconduct committed by lawyers? Are there differences in different jurisdictions? Are some lawyers (e.g. less or more experienced) more prone to commit ethical misconduct than others?

Given the diversity of jurisdictions that will be covered, it is expected that the discussions in the workshop and the publications of the papers will enrich the current literature and understanding on the sociological aspects of lawyers’ disciplinary systems, particularly from a comparative perspective.

Participants of the workshop 'Regulating Lawyers through Disciplinary Systems'.