Presentations by visiting researchers Mateja Čehulić and Marcin Wrobél

19 Mar 2018

Mateja Čehulić (University of Zagreb, Croatia) will give a presentation titled Toward a (Re)conceptualization of Legal Culture (22 March, Thursday, Antia palace, 3:30 pm). According to her, "the concept of legal culture, created at the end of the 60s by Lawrence Friedman, wa sidentified as one of the mai ntopics of sociology of law; an essential component that combines all the key elements for conceptualization and understanding of the legal system". The aim of her presentation will be to "offer potential ansers to criticisms of the legal culture and a different theoretical and empirical approach to the concept".

Mateja Čehulić is a research assistant at the Chair of Sociology at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, and a PhD student at the same institution. She has worked as an associate at the Centre for Educational Research and Development of the Institute for Social Research in Zagreb. Her research interests are in the field of sociology of law, legal culture and civic education.

On Friday, 23 March, Marcin Wróbel (Cracow, Poland) will talk about Community Shepherding in Poland: Network dynamics and Temporal Territorialization (Antia Palace, 3:30 pm). According to Wróbel, "contemporary community shepherding in Poland is a curious case of an archaic approach towardds land usage, based on long-lasting, hundres years old patterns. What differs it from other agricultural activities is the half-nomadic way of living that shepherds still cultivate, accompanied with numerous idiosyncratic customs, beliefs and practices". His presentation will be based on the results of field work conducted in 2016 and 2017.

Marcin Wróbel is a JD candidate in the Department of Sociology of Law, Faculty of Law and Administration at the Jagiellonian University of Cracow. He is also a part-time lecturer at the same institution.