Azzarà, Antonino

University of Roma Tre - PhD Student in Sociology of Law with fellowship
04 oct 2023 - 30 nov 2023

"It's remarkable how, in a brief period of residing in Oñati, everything seems tailored to support your research: a prestigious Institute, a specialized library in sociology of law like few others in the world, and an incredible residence. All of this in the charming town of Oñati - small, vibrant, and equipped with every essential service. The equilibrium between research endeavors and leisure is perfect.

During my doctoral research, I spent two months in Oñati, hosted at the splendid Antia Residence. The residence's superb organization allows for exclusive focus on research, with household chores expertly handled by the kind Mrs. Kenya. The well-stocked library at the International Institute of Sociology of Law provides an ideal setting for advancing research. Additionally, staying at the Antia Residence provides an opportunity for interaction with a multitude of people from all over the world. Being there during the Master's program proved pivotal, as it enabled me to engage with numerous students and professors to discuss my research.
And let's not forget the warm welcome from Oñati's residents and the wonderful locations the Basque Country has to offer - perfect for weekends to recharge your batteries.
For all these reasons, I extend my gratitude to the Scientific Committee for providing this exceptional research opportunity and to the entire Institute staff for their immense support. I'm delighted to have found a second home for every sociologist of law!”
Short bio below:  
“Antonino Azzarà graduated in Law from the University of Perugia, where he presented a thesis titled "Torture between Law and Violence”. He is a lawyer and holds master's degrees in Legal Professions from the University of Perugia and in Criminology and Security Policies from the University of Bari. Currently, he is pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology and Philosophy of Law at the University of Roma Tre. His primary research areas include policing studies, with a specific focus on police culture and violence, as well as prison and urban security.
In the realm of protecting the human rights of detainees, Antonino has collaborated with the Regional Guarantor for Persons Deprived of Liberty in the Umbria region. He has also conducted research for public entities and the European Commission, particularly in the fields of security and immigration.”

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