Student support fund

Sources of income

Income to the Student Support Fund comes from several sources:


One of the parent bodies of the Institute, the Research Committee for the Sociology of Law, has agreed to make an annual grant of €3000, and the Institute makes a matching grant of €3000. In addition, since 2001 the Institute has paid €7800 into this Fund instead of paying a fee to teachers on the programme.

  • Individual Donations

Many individuals have made generous donations to the Institute for a number of years for the support of students, and we welcome all such donations. They can be made by any of the following means:

  1. electronically, using the secure payments facility on the Institute website
  2. by direct bank transfer. The account details are:
    IBAN ES97 0182 0326 1102 0151 6752.
    For out of Europe:
    Bank:BBVA (0182), Branch: Oñati (0326),
    Account nº 0201516752
  3. by cheque or money order sent to: Instituto Internacional de Sociología Jurídica / International Institute for the Sociology of Law [address]
  4. by cash or credit card in person in Oñati.

All Donations will be gratefully received.

Donate via Paypal


Donate via Paypal