Colombero, Paola Victoria

Universidad de Buenos Aires
03 jan 2020 - 03 fév 2020

Is well known that the IISJ is an advanced training center in Sociology of Law and socio-legal research. As a Ph.D. student specialized in Philosophy of Law, a Conicet's scholarship holder and a teacher of General Theory of Law, one of the approaches that interest me is law as a social practice and its convergence with politics.  Then my research stay al the Institute contributed not only to my studies but to my life experiences.

First, I took the Criminal Policy and Politics in times of post-truth of the 2019/2020 Program of the Master in Sociology of Law of the International Institute of Sociology of Law. It was dictated by prominent professors such as Dr. Varona, Gema (University of the Basque Country) and Dr. Feest, Johannes (University of Bremen). The Course was taught for two weeks with an intensive course every day of the week.
The Course contributed, in general, to think critically about the object of study of criminal law, criminal policy and punitive populism with particular emphasis on the notion of truth. For the research I carried out, it had a particular relevance since the core of the whole course was the thought about social control: its meanings for the different stakeholders, its various modalities, styles and limits in democratic societies based on an understanding basic of human rights in times of extremism and inequality.

I continued with the writing of my Master's thesis, "The necropolitical governmentalization of the State: political and legal regulations of death. Analysis from the Infant-Juvenile Criminal System",  taking advantage of the material resources of the Institute and the Library, as well as what I've learned from the Course.

Academic activities werw and important part my visit, thanks to the professors and the Institute we went with the students of the Master to the presentation of Gema Varona's book «Myths about criminals and victims», which took place in Pamplona in the lovely Katakrak bookstore.

Finally, an enjoyable part of academic work is the possibility to meet, talk, discuss with academics, researchers and professors from around the world. I learned a lot from different countries and cultures, thanks to visiting the Institute and staying at the Antia Residence. All my gratitude to those who make this encounter possible.