Sen, Jhuma

04 déc 2017 - 30 jan 2018

I received the Residence Grant last year and decided to spend two months (December and January) in Oñati to complete or attempt to complete piles of pending articles and reviews I had been meaning to work on, but teaching and commitments had not allowed me to. I was glad that I did, because not only did I manage to progress with writing, I also caught up on my reading at the IISJ library which houses a fantastic collection of books on the sociology of law. The collection was particularly useful for my ongoing work on the politics of judging since it had some of the rare, iconic and out of print books from the eighties. I had enriching conversation with some of the Masters students and the talks and conversations by fellow scholars at the Residence was always insightful. My special thanks to Malen for responding to every query of mine and Susana for welcoming me to the Oñati community to ensure that the friendships and collaborations that started here continue beyond Oñati.


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