Visotzky-Charlebois, Maxine

University of Ottawa
26 Feb 2024 to 16 Mar 2024

I am a PhD candidate at University of Ottawa in the field of labour law. I am conduction an empirical study on the role of trade unions in the return to work  process after the occurence of an occupational injury. I am particularly interested in injuries of a mental nature, since a Québec law reform recently modified drastically the health and safety schemes. I am a Vanier Scholarship recipient (up to 166 scholarships awarded every year across Canada), and I am currently finishing my field research, which is a case study of 4 trade unions in Québec  (interviews and observations are being conducted), and plan to devoted the next months to the writing of my PhD thesis.

Area(s) of expertise: Labour law, qualitative methodologies, socio-legal studies