Piana, Daniela

University of Bologna
01 Jul 2024 to 26 Jul 2024

Current position
Professor (with tenure) of political science at the University of Bologna.

Institutional affiliations
2020 - UNESCO UNITWIN NETWORK NETLEARNING – Governance and citizenship in the digital age
2020 - Founder of the Maison des intelligences sociales et numériques University Paris Saclay 2020 - Member of the bureau DATAIA Artificial Intelligence Institute University Paris Saclay
2018 - Member of the Scientific Committee of the Council of the State
2017 - Co-Coordinator of the Standing Group « Action publique et numérique : savoirs et pratiques,» GDR NoST.
2017 - Co-coordinator of Rule of Law and Digital Citizenship, research section of the International Center on Democracy and Democratisation.
2015 - Member of the OECD Justice Advisory Board
2007 - Associate Researcher at the Institut des Hautes Etudes sur la Justice – Paris

Area(s) of expertise: justice and access to justice;  digital justice; pathways and barriers; human control of diigital justice devices