Antia Residence COVID-19 Rules

Prevention Measures

  • It is the responsibility of all residents at Antia to contribute to the strict compliance with the protection measures aimed at controlling and reducing the transmission of COVID-19.
  • Each resident will be lodged in an individual room, except for the residents who are already cohabitants at their home.
  • Always observe the limitations of capacity for the communal spaces, and maintain a safety distance from others (minimum 1.5 m.).
  • Follow the signals and the prohibition of using seats, spaces, etc. This will be appropriately indicated with signs or marks.
  • Do not greet others with a kiss or a hug. Restrict physical contact. Remember that shouting, singing, or blowing increases the risk of spreading the virus by respiratory droplets or aerosols.
  • Wear a mask properly and at all times (covering your nose, mouth and chin) in all the common spaces of the Residence, even if there is no close proximity to others.
  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water. The IISL enforces an adequate policy of cleaning and disinfection; however, every resident is responsible for a good personal hygiene, and we call for the residents’ individual responsibility to follow the health recommendations.
  • Non-residents must not enter the Residence without having been authorized previously by the IISl Administration.
  • Any incidence related to COVID-19 must be immediately made known to the IISL by an email to

Always follow the health recommendations and the measures from the health authorities. For more information:

Response measures:

  • Every resident must check their body temperature every day. In the event of a fever (37ºC or higher) or any other symptom suggestive of COVID-19, the residents must inform the IISL ( and self-isolate in their individual bedroom until they receive indications from the Basque health service (Osakidetza).
  • The IISL COVID-19 Coordinator will actívate the COVID-19 Protocol and inform Osakidetza.
  • The residents who have tested positive for COVID-19 or are in confinement or quarantine must inform the IISL COVID-19 Coordinator immediately by email to
  • The person should provide the following data:
  • Name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Passport
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Health card (EU citizens)
  • Until the test results come back, no special action will be taken regarding the people who have been in close contact, and the IISL’s activities will go on as usual. Hygiene measures will be strengthened.

If the person tests positive, the IISL will be at the disposal of the Basque health service and of the Basque Government and will follow their indications.

  • Phone numbers of interest: Oñati health centre (+34 943035430) / COVID-19 hotline: 900 20 30 50
  • The IISL will make the appropriate arrangements with the Basque Health Department, and will follow the procedures indicated for each case.
  • The IISL already enforces cleaning and disinfection measures, and will strengthen them if the protocol is activated.
  • The IISL calls on the individual responsibility of all Antia residents, and will take any measure needed to ensure the welfare and the common good. In the case of a repeated or serious infringement, the IISL may decide to cancel the contract and to evict the offending resident.
  • As far as possible, the IISL will provide the necessary help and coordination for the covering of the basic needs of any confined residents, in accordance to the service contract of each resident.

Communication measures

  • If the IISL COVID-19 protocol is activated and in the event of a positive test result of infection with COVID-19, the IISL COVID-19 Coordinator will manage the internal communication with all the members of the IISL Community.
  • The IISL is committed to cooperating on the identification and following of the persons who may have been in close contact with the COVID-19 positive person.


The IISL will comply with the measures and recommendations from the competent authorities, according to these principles and previsions:

  • The implementation and application of measures will follow the principle of proportionality and of the utmost respect to the people involved, ensuring that the principle of prevention prevails.
  • Particular efforts will be made to avoid causing alarm, and to provide precise, uniform and transparent information.

Antia Residence – Maximum Capacity




PB / Ground floor




Zona reciclaje / Recycling area


P1 / 1st floor




Sala estar / Living room

10 PAX


Sala TV / TV room



Comedor / Dining room



Cocina / Kitchen


P2 / 2nd floor



ATICO / Attic

Sala estar / Living room



Lavandería / Laundry area



Sala estudio / Study room