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Transitional Justice and Rule of Law (26 October - 6 November  2009)


Personal Details:
  born in Kętrzyn (Poland), 26 July 1953;
                     Polish and Australian citizen

Academic Degrees:
  LL.M. (N.Copernicus University 1976)
  Ph.D (Law)  (N.Copernicus University 1982)

Academic Positions:
1. Professor, School of Law, The  University of New South Wales, (2005 -
2. Director, Center for the interdisciplinary Studies of Law, University of New   South Wales (2001-),
3. Re-current Visiting Professor, Akademia Kozminskiego, Warsaw, Poland, (2004-
4. Senior Fellow Contemporary Europe Research Center, The University of Melbourne ( 2005 -),
5. Professor , Bialystok School of Public Administration ( 2005- )


Fellow, Flemish Academic Center, Brussels, Belgium 2008 and 2009
Visiting scholar, Katholic University Leuven 2009 and 2009
Visiting Professor Central European University, February 2007
Visiting scholar , European University Institute, December 2006
Senior lecturer, School of Law, The University of New South Wales, (2000 -2005)
Visiting Scholar- Europe Fellow European University Institute, Florence, Italy, January-February 2002 and 2006
Senior lecturer, Macquarie University 1995-200
Senior Fellow - Collegium Budapest/Institute for Advanced Study, Budapest, Hungary, 1 October 1999  -  30 July 2000 and 20 January-5 March 1996
Visiting Professor, Bialystok Faculty of Law, Warsaw University 1 January 1995 - 31 July 1995
Lecturer in Law, Macquarie University Law School (1990-94),
Member of the Centre of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, Macquarie University (1993-2000)
Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Law, The University of New South  Wales (1988-1990),
Adjunct-, Department of Sociology, N. Copernius University,          Torun, Poland (1989-1991),
Adjunct in Faculty of Law, N.Copernicus University, Torun,   Poland (1982-1988),
Deputy-President of Interdisciplinary Research Group of Social            Transformations and Macroprocesses (1988-1990),
Visiting Research Fellow, St. Peter's College, Oxford University (June-July     1987),
Visiting Research Scholar, Department of Sociology, Edinburgh University      (August 1987),
Executive Secretary of Interdisciplinary Research Group of Social             Transformations and Macroprocesses, Department of Sociology, N.        Copernicus University (1985-1988),
Assistant-  in Faculty of Law, N. Copernicus University, Torun,           Poland (1980-1982),
Research Scholar, Faculty of Law, Warsaw University (1977-1980),
Tutor         in School of Law and Administration, Warsaw University branch in          Białystok (1976-1977),

Editorial Boards:
 Silesian Legal Studies (2007- )
Ius et Lex (2000-)
Prace Kolegium Otryckiego (1982-1990),
 Australian Journal of Law and Society (1989 -1996),
 Colloquia Communia. Theoretical Quarterly (1982-1985),


Member of Scientific Associations:
 Australian Society for Legal Philosophy
 International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy
 Contemporary European Studies Association
Australian Association for the Study of Communist and Post-                      Communist  Countries
 Australasian Universities Law Teachers Association
 International Sociological Association

 Polish (mother tongue)
 German (reading only)


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