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Given by Rogelio Pérez Perdomo (4 - 15 March 2013)

Professional Actors of the Legal System: Judges, Lawyers and Scholars

The countries of Southwestern Europe and Latin America can be considered the core of the civil law tradition. Their connection with Roman and canon law is clear and even the language, religion and other cultural traits are shared or very close. Historically, they have had strong ties among themselves. This course proposes to analyze what we know about the changes in the legal culture and legal actors in this vast cultural area and uses the instruments of law and society for this analysis.

Comparative law scholars have given much importance to the concept of legal tradition and the continuity and commonality of some traits in the ever changing life of the legal systems. Law and society scholars have advanced the concept of legal culture, which is considered an expression of society and is associated with social change. Globalization, which is the manifestation of social change in contemporary society, has strong manifestations in the cultural area and most likely in the legal culture. This course will analyze whether the idea of legal tradition is still important for understanding the legal systems and its relation to society and history, and if the analysis of legal traditions and legal cultures are really compatible. The analysis will emphasize the professional legal culture and the changes and permanence in the legal education and professions.

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