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Given by Igor Filibi & Noé Cornago (Universidad del País Vasco) - 14 -25 November 2011

Law in Global Governance

This course aims to provide a systematic and critical introduction to the ongoing debate about the role of law in global governance. For so doing, it begins with a preliminary discussion about what can be called global problems, that means, problems which by their very nature and scope seem to justify, at least apparently, a complex transition from the conventional understanding of international politics and law, taylored to measure Nation-States, towards a new architecture of global governance. In that new context, new public and private actors overly compete among them, through a wide variety of formal and informal processes, giving form to a new plural, and increasingly fragmented, regulatory landscape. Our course will also analyze how a new interplay between State, market and societal forces is shaping these new global regulatory processes, and will discuss critically its main functional and normative challenges.

Igor Filibi

Noé Cornago

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