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Workshop organisers are also welcome to bring forward proposals for an edited collection resulting from the workshop to be published in either of the two book series: Oñati International Series in Law in Society, published by Hart-Bloomsbury Publishing, or Colección Oñati: Derecho y Sociedad, published by Dykinson. Proposals should be for a book of normally no longer than 300 pages (120.000 words including footnotes and bibliography).

A proposal should include:

  1. a draft Introduction or key chapter, based perhaps on the original workshop proposal, or on a thematic paper presented at the workshop; it should be a substantial exploration and statement of the themes of the book, indicating the contributions of the various chapters, rather than just a series of summaries of the papers;
  2. a Table of Contents listing and grouping the chapters, with a summary or abstract of each chapter, its word length, and a realistic estimate for completion of the final version; sample chapters could be included if they are in a fairly final version;
  3. an explanatory statement outlining why the collection is especially suitable for publication as a book. This should include a discussion of the type of reader at which the book is aimed, the likely markets, and the main competitors, identifying the strengths and possible weaknesses of the book in relation to what is already available on the topic.

Hart Style Guidelines available [+Download] [+Download shortened version]

Dykson Syle Guidelines available [+Download]

A book usually does not appear until 2-3 years or more after the date of the workshop, and so it must have a long-term interest and potential for impact. Papers should not only be good in themselves, but should have a clear coherence and focus as a collection, with an inter-weaving of the ideas and debate between the various papers.

Proposals should be submitted by the 10th September of the year of the workshop to Cristina Ruiz (cristina@iisj.es), our Publications Officer, who will send them on to the Publisher for evaluation. The Publisher´s decision will be based on both the commercial viability for publication as a book, as well as the quality of the proposal. The Publisher will also take advice from the General Editors of the relevant series: for the Hart series David Nelken and Rosemary Hunter, and for the Dykinson series Joxerramón Bengoetxea and Carlos Lista. If a book proposal is not accepted by the Publisher, it may be published in the Oñati Socio-Legal Series [+], or submitted to other publishers.

The publisher will deal directly with the editors and authors of proposed books. This includes, once a proposal is accepted, timetable for submission of the final manuscript, and refereeing

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