Hammouri, Shadh

University of Manchester
01 Urr 2019 -tik 30 Urr 2019 -ra

I have an LLB in Law from the University of Jordan, during my studies I worked as a researcher on data protection with the media agency 7iber for a year, I also published on legal, political and social issues with the agency, meanwhile I took part of multiple international conferences, summer schools and competitions. Later on I attained a Masters in Economic Law (specialisation Global Governance Studies) from Sciences Po Paris where I recieved the Emily Boutmy scholarship, finished a Pre-Doctoral Preparation Program and worked as an assistant researcher with professor Jean d'Aspremont on the theory of international law. I am currently a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, working on a critical approach towards understanding economic actors in the laws of war and I have already presented aspects of my research in several international conferences and workshops, in parallel I am also chairing a research on social decision making in the oil and gas industry at HEC, Paris and I am a freelance consultant of Business and Human Rights to several NGOs mainly focused on the levant area.