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No. 56 - 10 / 2018

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Letter from the scientific director

Noé Cornago First of all, I would like to express how grateful I am to the IISL Board for my election as the new IISL Scientific Director for the 2018-2020 term. In addition to an important responsibility this is a very special honour, not only because of the importance of the IISL itself, but also considering the impressive group of scholars that preceded me in this position. [Read more]

[Carta del director científico]
[Zientzia-zuzendariaren gutuna]

RCSL-IISL Joint Congress

Since its foundation in 1989, the International Institute of the Sociology of Law in Onati has been a space for exchange between generations of scholars. At its 30th anniversary, the Research Committee for the Sociology of Law will celebrate its achievements of intergenerational exchange and collaboration and prepare for the future by linking generations for the advancement of our field.

The organisers will particularly promote and facilitate exchange and collaboration across generations of socio-legal scholars through panels and keynotes, and link generations from North and South for innovative research and theorizing.

The calls for sessions and for papers are open until 10 December. Learn more on the IISL's website.

International Master's in the Sociology of Law

Last term's students, with Sharyn Roach Anleu The students from the academic term 2017/18 all got their Master's Degree. Congratulations and best of luck!

Pamela Teutli2017/18 André-Jean Arnaud Prize

Pamela Teutli, from Mexico, has been awarded the André-Jean Arnaud Prize, given to the student whose thesis (in this case, La participación política de la mujer indígena a través de las narrativas de las mujeres zapatistas) got the best mark. ¡Enhorabuena!



A new term has just begun

This year's programme has brought forth two open seminars.

Bengoetxea, van Klink, and the attendees

A moment of the seminar.
28 Sep.: The global rise of populism 04 Oct.: Beyond the usual: Law and Culture in Special Contexts. Three Examples: Inuit Customary Law and Emotionality, Deviant actors and Political Agency: the case of South Africa and the EU experiments

Student support fund

Donations are used to support our student grants, and are always very welcome.

Donate via Paypal or other options through our web page [+info]

Latest publications

Oñati Socio-Legal Series

Vol. 8. n. 3 - Les enjeux de la ritualisation judiciaire. Une réflexion sur les formes du procès

June-September 2018. - Issue edited by Diane Bernard (Université Saint Louis-Brussels).

Diane Bernard: Introduction: Les enjeux de la ritualisation judiciaire. Une réflexion sur les formes du procès [+PDF]

Penser le sens de la ritualisation (The meaning of ritualization)

Kevin David Ladd: Grimaces et lèvres pincées : remarques sur la ritualisation pénale (Pascal, Wittgenstein) (Grimaces and Pursed Lips: Remarks on the judicial ritualization –Pascal, Wittgenstein) [+PDF]

Mauricio García-Peñafiel: L’efficacité symbolique et la symbolisation : perspectives pour penser la ritualisation judiciaire (The Symbolic Efficiency and the Symbolization: Perspectives to Think the Judiciary Ritualization) [+PDF]

Proximité et mánagerialisme: changements et enjeux contemporains (Proximity and managerialism)

Vanessa Perrocheau, Djoheur Zerouki: La visioconférence dans le procès pénal français, d’un rituel a l’autre? (Videoconferencing in the French Criminal Trial, from One Ritual to Another?) [+PDF]

Mickaële Lantin Mallet: Les modes de résolution des litiges alternatifs au procès : une transformation du rituel judiciaire au pénal. L’exemple de la médiation pénale (Alternative Dispute Resolution forms: a Transformation of the Judicial Ritual to Criminal Law) [+PDF]

Mises en perspective disciplinaires et questions transversales (Disciplinary parallels and transversal questions)

Yazid Ben Hounet: Les rituels judiciaires et parajudiciaires: conciliations et arbitrages dans le Nord de l’Afrique (exemples algérien, soudanais, nigérien) (The Judiciary and Parajudiciary Rituals: Conciliations and Arbitrations in the North of Africa) [+PDF]

Patrícia Branco: Considering a different model for the Family and Children Courthouse Building. Reflections on the Portuguese experience [+PDF]

Yves Cartuyvels: La justice belge face au génocide rwandais : la symbolique de la compétence universelle en question (Belgian Justice facing the Rwandan Genocide: the Symbolism of Universal Jurisdiction in Question) [+PDF]

OSLS papers will now include your ORCID

All papers published in Oñati Socio-legal Series will now include a link to each contributing author's ORCID, which will be requested to you along with all basic details that usually accompany a paper: full name, position, affiliation (complete with the department or section), postal address and email address.

ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized.

Library and Documentation Centre

Thank you to all the donors who sent us their publications from June to September:

Annalisa Verza, Fernando Rister de Sousa Lima, Germán Silva García, Johannes Feest, Jose Augusto Fontoura, Julieta Marotta, Laura López Gallego, Luigi Cominelli, Maria Cristina Gonçalves Vicentin, Marta Poblet, Nathali Estevez Grillo, Nina Holvast, Noé Cornago, Pompeu Casanovas, Roberto Moreno, Tamara Butter, Tetty Havinga, Ulrike Schultz, ISOCARP, Radboud University, Universidad de Guadalajara en México, Università della Campania.

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Gender and Judging in the Middle East and Africa: Emerging Scholarship and Debates

5-6 Jul: Gender and Judging in the Middle East and Africa: Emerging Scholarship and Debates
Chairs: Josephine Dawuni (Howard University), Monika Lindbekk (University of Oslo), Rania Maktabi (Østfold University College), Ulrike Schultz (FernUniversität in Hagen).

"The workshop addressed the constrains and challenges on the path towards female appointments to judgeship from an historical perspective, the political and theoretical debates that sorrounded such appointments and the impact that they have on local societies in the various contexts under analysis." [+info] [+Programme]

Grassroots Economics. Meaning, Project and Practice in the Pursuit of Livelihood

12-13 Jul: New constitutionalism? New forms of democracy and rule of law beyond liberalism
Chair: Adam Czarnota (University of New South Wales)

"This year I have participated in three workshops organised by IISL in Oñati (...). Everybody who tried to organise workshop or conference knew how much time-consuming activity it is. How many emails and phone calls are necessary to make. Organisation of a workshop at IISL is less time -consuming because all organisational and logistic matters are deal with by Malen Gordoa Mendizabal who is truly professional." [+info] [+Programme]

Social Ontology of Law in Legal Education

19-20 Jul: Social Ontology of Law in Legal Education
Chairs: Michał Paździora (University of Wroclaw), Michał Stambulski (University of Wroclaw).

"I truly recommend organizing a workshop in Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law (...). Infrastructure of the Institute and the city itself create a convenient area for scientific discussions. During our work on legal education, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and plans for activates. We discussed the role of legal education in creating the social ontology of law. As a consequence of this meeting we plan to publish a monograph devoted to this topic." [+info] [+Programme]

Niklas Luhmann 20 Years After. Constructing Law in World Society

26-27 Jul: Niklas Luhmann 20 Years After. Constructing Law in World Society
Chairs: Germano Schwartz (Uniritter), Aldo Mascareño (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez).

"A special guest of our meeting was Niklas Luhmann himself. In the early nineties, Niklas Luhmann held a conference at Oñati. Chair of that conference was an even younger Pierre Guibentif, who kindly organized the video presentation at the end of our meeting." [+info] [+Programme]

Oñati Udala Grant

Oñatiko udala grant awardees (centre) with Oñati town hall and IISL membersLeopoldo Cruz Balbuena and Samara Velte both presented their Oñatiko Udala Grant-winning works: Mujeres de 65: Un estudio sobre las mujeres retiradas y su contribución a la identidad, cultura, sociedad y economía de Oñati and Oñati's youth facing the armed conflict: analysing the discourses of the first post-conflict generation. The event, on 25 September, attracted several local people, along with regional media and both master students and alumni. Both works will be published by the Institute. Congratulations! [+]

Recent Visitors to the Institute / Han visitado el Instituto

You will find an unique atmosphere to research or write, with the best Library and Documentation Center [+] on Law and Society to make research.

Disfruta de un ambiente único para investigar o escribir, en la mejor Biblioteca y Centro de Documentación [+] sobre sociología jurídica para desarrollar tu investigación

Visiting scholars / Investigadores visitantes

Jacinta Opara (Kampala International University - Uganda): 18/09/2018 - 26/07/2019

Bart van KlinkBartholomeus Maria Johannes van Klink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): 27/09/2018 - 05/10/2018

Sean RobertsonSean Robertson (University of Alberta - Canadá): 02/10/2018 - 29/10/2018

Jacqueline Wilson (Rhodes University, Sudáfrica): 01/10/2018 - 01/12/2018

Annie BuntingAnnie Bunting (York University, Canadá): 16/09/2018 - 29/09/2018

Shane ChalmersShane Chalmers (University of Melbourne, Australia):
10/09/2018 - 28/09/2018

Rebecca Munro (The European University Institute): 10/09/2018 - 24/09/2018

Deborah JumpDeborah Jump (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK): 22/07/2018 - 24/07/2018

"Whilst at the IISL in Onati, I commenced work on my forthcoming monograph- Boxing, Desistance and Violence. I am interested in whether ot not the sport of boxing reduces violence among young men, or increases it". [+]

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