Fuchs, Gesine

Lucerne University
De 18 Oct 2020 hasta 13 Dic 2020

Since 2016 lecturer and project leader at Lucerne University of Sciences and Arts - Department of Social Work, 2019 professor (tenured position since 2016).

I have worked as research assistant, gender equality officer in the canton of Basel-Country/Switzerland, independent researcher and post doc. 2008/10 research grant "Pay Equity by Law? Legal Mobilization by Social Movements in four European Countries 1996-2006", 2010/13 research grant "Governance of Swiss Gender Equality Policies", 2016/20 research grant "Working under the conditions of social welfare: legal framework, prevalence and regulatory gaps", all from the Swiss National Science Foundation


Area(s) of expertise: legal mobilization, social movements, gender equality, political representation