Gutierrez Cornelius, Eduardo

De 04 Nov 2016 hasta 16 Dic 2016

I would like to thank the International Institute for the Sociology of Law for the residence grant I received. My six-week stay in Oñati was extremely productive in several ways. I used my time at the Institute to work on my dissertation on Brazilian youth justice, which I undertake at the University of São Paulo's Sociology Department. The Institute's amazing library sections on crime and punishment and youth justice helped established a richer dialogue with the international literature on the subject. Surprisingly, though, I could also access books on Brazilian youth justice that I did not find in Brazil.

Besides, the Institute provides an environment of rich academic exchange, as it periodically hosts lectures on interesting subjects. I had the opportunity to learn about the situation of urban property conflicts in Argentina as well the politicization of Courts in Venezuela. I also had the opportunity to give a talk on my research and discuss it with an incredible audience, comprise mostly by the Institute's engaged Master's students.

But my stay at Oñati was not just productive academically. Living at the Antia Residence was a remarkable life experience. At Antia, I had the opportunity of meeting amazing people from different parts of the world. I will never forget the great moments we shared, especially during our magnificent meals at the residence.

Finally, I would like to thank each member of the Institute's staff, as well as its Scientific Director, whose work made my experience here the best it could have been. Malen, Marije, Ainhoa, Susana, Manttoni, José Antonio, Rakel, Elvira, Ainhoa, Cristina and Vincenzo, thank you very much. I would also like to thank the welcoming population of Oñati for hosting this amazing Institute and for your hospitality. From my everyday meals at a local restaurant to the warm welcome I received from the basketball coach who let me take some shots while the team trained, everyone was always kind to me. Eskerrik asko!

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