Radical Temporality: Law, Order and Resistance

12 May to 13 May

Coordinators: Lyana Francot (VU University Amsterdam), Bart van Klink (VU University Amsterdam)

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Our experience in Oñati

On 12 and 13 May 2016 the workshop ‘Radical Temporality: Law, Order and Resistance’ was held at the IISL. The concept of radical temporality expresses that every legal and political order, and social order in general, is temporary and contingent. Every type of social order is dynamic in the sense that it  is bound to change through forces within or outside this order. This also entails that resistance against order is ingrained in that very same order and its structures. Practices of resistance are an inevitable part of social order. In this workshop practices of resistance (actions, groups and movements) in society that challenge the existing order in a more or less fundamental way were discussed. The workshop consisted of theoretical and normative reflections on the relationship between order and resistance on the one hand and empirical investigations into contemporary practices of resistance (e.g., the Podemos movement in Spain, populism in Western Europe and the US and symbolic resistance in Russia). The approach was interdisciplinary: the workshop brought together sociological, legal-philosophical and political-philosophical perspectives on order and resistance.  The discussion was very lively and fruitful. Participants were: Lyana Francot-Timmermans and Bart van Klink (organizers), Sophie Mommers and Briain Jansen (chairs and organizational support), Luigi Corrias, Jaye Ellis, Thijs Jansen, Laura Henderson, Lucia Lapenta, Heather McKnight, Nomi Claire Lazar, Andreas Philippopoulos-Mihalopoulos and Jiri Priban. Moreover, two students participated in the workshop:  Ursus Eijkelenberg and Marisela López Zaldívar.

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