The Place of Apology in Law

05 May to 06 May

Coordinators: Robyn Carroll (University of Western Australia), Prue Vines (University of New South Wales)

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Our experience in Oñati

On 4th and 5th May (or 5th and 6th)  a workshop on ’The Place of Apology in Law’ was held at Onati’s International Institute for the  Sociology of Law. The workshop, convened by Professors Robyn Carroll and Prue Vines from the Universities of Western Australia and New South Wales respectively was attended by 20 scholars researching in the area of apology in the legal system. Participants came from Canada, the Netherlands,  Belgium, England, Australia  and the United States of America.  Many were members of the International Network of Law and Apology Research. We were particularly delighted to have with us Basque Scholars Magdalena Bobowik and Gema Varona, who added a specially significant note to the issues being discussed. The workshop considered the effectiveness and use of protected apologies in the legal system, the use of apologies as remedies including their effect on damages, considering this from legal, psychological, philosophical and sociological points of view.  The impact of the workshop on the development of research in this area was incalculable. The beautiful surroundings of the Institute in Onati and the hospitality offered us created a wonderful atmosphere for discussion and thought. “Eskerrik asko”  (Basque for ‘thankyou’) to all involved.

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