Child Trafficking: the Challenges for Europe. Rescuing children from human trafficking, capacity building and protecting the rights of victims

28 Apr to 29 Apr

Coordinators: John Winterdyk (Mount Royal University, Calgary, Canada), Jackie Jones (University of West England, Bristol, England)

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Our experience in Oñati

Following on a successful human trafficking workshop in June of 2014, John Winterdyk (Mount Royal University, Calgary, CANADA) and Jackie Jones (University of Bristol, England) co-facilitated a workshop whose focus was child trafficking in Europe. Eighteen invited participants, mostly from Europe along with three from Canada, participated in the two day workshop. The first day consisted of presentations by the attendees and covered a wide range of themes and topics. Among others, the presentation covered such themes as: capacity building, the role of GRETA in combatting human trafficking of children in Europe, to the understudied issue of child trauma, as well as a presentation by a senior representative of the Dutch Rapporteur for human trafficking, and several country profiles’ on child trafficking. In addition, there was also a novel presentation on corruption as an understudied topic of child human trafficking. Finally, there were several presentations on a number of different UK programs that have shown promising result in their efforts to combat child victims of human trafficking, including specific risk assessment/management tools. Day two of the workshop was used to examine and explore several of the key themes were identified from day one. In addition to the engaging workshop, the attendees discussed how they would work towards producing a dedicated special issue for the IISJ online journal as well as participate in special issue on child trafficking to be co-edited by the conference coordinators. Although the weather was less than ideal, the conference was highly successful. In addition to the rich exchanges a number of initiatives were identified as a means of constructively combatting the plight of human trafficking and the overt abuse of vulnerable children and women. The group (except two members, but including the Institute itself) agreed on and sent a submission to the European Commission consultation on the new EU Strategy on Human Trafficking.

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