Sawicka, Jolanta

University of Warsaw
25 Jun 2016 to 05 Jul 2016
Experience in Oñati: 

IISL-Oñati is good place with good people. Really fantastic conditions for intellectual work. During my stay I was able to work on the theme of conflict in a democracy - democracy which is constituted and supported by the erosion of the criteria of certain, associated with temporariness and uncertainty. Furthermore, democratic society invariably takes in determining the powers, rights and knowledge and the conditions of the relationship between the individual and the community. Democracy so is a legalized conflict, and the scene in which people have played their its roles and have no solid foundations. However, the problem lies in the fact that democracy, because of her uncertainty foundation, which is a condition of freedom, brings fear and the desire to fill this uncertainty some kind of a permanently defined symbolism. Therefore, there is always the possibility that democracy which is unjustified, without any other legitimacy (religious e.g.) will transform into totalitarianism.

IISL-Oñati library is great and well organized. Thank you very much for this opportunity of being here. And special thanks to director prof. Adam Czarnota for the invitation and hospitality. It was a huge pleasure and joy to be here. And I will miss Oñati. I felt here even better than at my own city.

Eskerrik asko IISL-Oñati!